Although many roofing systems can look the same, many differences exist. The manufacturers that produce roofing products and accessories have put forth much effort into providing consumers with quality, long lasting materials that perform well, even under the harshest weather conditions. How well their products perform, however, depends entirely on the installation. A homeowner relies on their contractor to know and apply manufacturers’ installation procedures, local and state building codes, and industry standards when installing a roof system. At Sage Construction, we take great pride in our thorough building process from start to finish giving you peace of mind.

Our Project Consultants are also trained and experienced in identifying storm-related damages. They will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure nothing is overlooked and act as a customer service agent between you and your insurance company. You can expect to navigate the complexity of filing a homeowner’s claim with confidence with us at your side.

Sage Construction highly recommends that you obtain a contractor prior to submitting your insurance claim, to ensure your best interests are protected and maintained. Call us today at 513-805-7427 for your no obligation, complimentary property inspection or Schedule an In-Home Appointment.


Our installations are the best in the industry. No shortcuts are taken here. Quality, brand name materials and installers with decades of experience ensure your investment not only looks great, but functions reliably and serves its purpose for years to come.