The siding on your house performs two basic functions. It beautifies the exterior of your home and shields it from water, ice and wind. Some types of siding, even offer additional insulation properties, adding to the comfort and efficiency of your home.

When severe storms move through an area, even the most durable siding products can experience damage. The extent of loss can vary due to many factors, however, not all damage is readily visible to the naked eye. Through our years of handling storm-related insurance claims, we have developed a system that not only allows us to identify building materials that have been compromised by severe weather but also increases the chance that your insurance company will approve the work to be done.

Sage Construction highly recommends that you obtain a contractor prior to submitting your insurance claim, to ensure your best interests are protected and maintained. Call us today at 513-805-7427 for your no obligation, complimentary property inspection or Schedule an In-Home Appointment.


Our installations are the best in the industry. No shortcuts are taken here. Quality, brand name materials and installers with decades of experience ensure your investment not only looks great, but functions reliably and serves its purpose for years to come.